You may be wondering about my qualifications for writing books about the Elizabethan era and also about glassmaking. I have been an amateur historian for over forty years and my passion is for all things Tudor, particularly the reign of that great Tudor Queen, Elizabeth Ist. Writing about this iconic Queen is always a pleasure.
Martyn Bedford, Award winning author of Houdini Girl said in his review,  “a fascinating, original historical context...the insight into the world of glassmaking is interesting...the backdrop of the story's setting – Venice and London – and the times, will also be a key part of its appeal to readers”
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.
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The Glass Dagger

ISBN-13- 978-0-9564710-0-0

Being talented can be dangerous!

Giacomo Bellini ignores Venetian societies unwritten  rules for a nobleman and like his grandfather, becomes a glassmaker . His romance with the daughter of a prominent senator, sets in motion a chain of events that leads to a false charge of treason. After a corruptly obtained conviction, he is sentenced to five years as a galley slave. Escaping to England, he changes his name to Jacob Bell. In London, his talent brings him acclaim, but his past catches up with him. His dishonest rival, Adrian Ragazoni, now Venetian Ambassador to London, is married to Jacob's love and plotting to kill the Queen. Jacob must defeat Ragazoni and his assassins, to save his love Maria and the Tudor Queen, Elizabeth I.



The Crystal Ship

ISBN-13-​ 978-0-9564710-1-7

One good turn deserves another - fate doesn’t agree!

Jacob Bell, the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker, helps Admiral John Hawkins in a battle against Catholic plotters led by Count Ridolfi. Drawing on all their resources of boldness, courage and cunning, they carry through an audacious plan to free Hawkins’s men from the dreaded Spanish Inquisition.

Jacob and his powerful new ship The Crystal, designed by Admiral Hawkins, are sent on a secret mission to Venice. With his untried ship, he is drawn into an encounter with the all conquering Ottoman galley fleet, which threatens all of their lives, as well as the continuing existence of Venice itself. Through intrigue, gun-smoke and bloody warfare, Jacob battles to thwarts the plotters and begin a new life with his love Maria.


Metal of a Different Sort.
ISBN- 978-0-9564710-5-5
Boredom leads to desperate times!

Jacob Bell and his partner, Roberto Rosso, were bored. Because of this, Lord Burghley, Chief Minister to Queen Elizabeth I, persuaded them to become Queen's Commissioners and investigate a murder at a foundry, making decorative ironwork. This apparently simple case, turns into an intriguing mystery, as they both narrowly escape attempts to kill them. The plot they uncover, threatens the life, not only of the Tudor Queen, Elizabeth, but her ministers as well. As the Queen's progress winds its way into East Anglia, staying at a new house nearly every night, the intrepid pair race to save them all from a fiendishly clever foe. TO BUY JUST CLICK ON THE BOOK IMAGE


Blood-Red Goblet

 ISBN- 978-0-9564710-2-4

​Two Queens - one realm. One Queen must die!

In Jacob Bell's most perilous role, he is recruited by the Queen's spy catcher, Walsingham, to infiltrate the Duke of Guises's plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I and put the Scots Queen, Mary Stuart on the throne. An old enemy, Jed Sutton, (The Crystal Ship), becomes involved and when Mary Stuart is arrested, he kidnaps Jacob’s wife and son. He forces Jacob to help him rescue the Scots Queen, a seemingly impossible task. Jacob takes a desperate gamble that leads to a violent struggle, as the book reaches its dangerous climax,. At stake, the lives of his wife and son, as well as his own.