I was born and raised in Derbyshire and matured in Yorkshire, England, where I spent a lot of my working life as, Chief Colourist, Senior Manager in both the Textile and Chemical industries, a Science Teacher and a University Lecturer among other things.


A well-known speaker on the Elizabethan Era and the History of English Glassmaking, I spend my time writing Tudor Historical novels, of which I have to date,  written four books in a series about the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker. The books are fast paced, adventure stories, with a strong love interest. The hero, a Ventian glassmaker is a fugitive from a false charge of treason in Venice. He becomes invoved in the plots against Queen Elizabeth I.  A key element is the setting in Venice and London, during the 16th century, which are brought to life, in sights and sounds, keeping as accurately as possible, to the historical facts.


Recently, inspired by my background in textiles, I began a new series about the Industrial Revolution in Derbyshire. The importance of these mills is reflected in their World Heritage status. The series will be called Amber Mills and the first book, to be published next year, is provisionally titled Amber Mills Revolution, The First Generation.

Signing The Glaas Dagger, Book 1 of the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker Series

Peter signing a copy of The Glass Dagger,

Book 1 of the Tudor Queen's Glassmaker Series at York.