Revolution: Amber Mills - a family saga

About the book.


Fate brings about a huge change in the life of Obadiah Shaw when the sturdy fourteen-year-old son of a struggling smallholder, saves the life of Mary Ellison, the niece of a small industrialist. Refusing the offer of a reward, instead, he accepts a job at Ellison’s Hosiery workshop.

As his love for Mary grows, so does his career. He dreams about a revolution at the newly constructed Amber Mills, involving cotton spinning and a complete manufacturing system from raw materials to finished goods. These would be served by an entirely new sort of mill community, with Amber Mills providing much-needed housing, employment for all the family and education for their children.

Rivals since childhood with Billy Sutcliffe, the local bully, Obadiah's burgeoning career fuels Billy's envy. Following several encounters, rivalry turns to hate. Just when it seems Obadiah will realize his dreams, Billy, whose life is falling apart, sets out to wreak havoc and bloody vengeance on Obadiah. What follows is a battle for survival!

This book has now been published and can be obtaained by clicking  HERE.